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Yamaha TX-950 RS High End Tuner

Yamaha TX-950 RS High End Tuner Tuner has just been aligned and receives perfectly. From first owner in excellent condition. Please refer to the bottom site for technical details.

Yamaha TX-950 RS High End Tuner

COMPUTER SERVO LOCK (CSL) TUNING The TX-950 automatically selects either the Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) synthesizer tuning for weak signals or FM voltage servo tuning for signals having little or no interference, and the signal is sufficiently strong. This ensures maximum reception quality of all types of broadcast signals. DIGITAL FINE TUNING Tuning is more difficult when station frequencies are close together. Digital tuning helps overcome this problem by enabling you to tune away from a station's fundamental frequency in increments of 0.01 MHz for FM and 1.0 kHz for AM. In this way you can pinpoint the exact spot on the dial where interference with your desired station is least noticeable. This maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio for optimum stereo reception and lowest distortion. ALPHA CIRCUITRY This Absolute Linear Phase IF Amplifier is a Yamaha developed circuit that provides excellent selectivity, interference rejection, phase linearity, and improved channel separation while maintaing exremely low harmonic distortion. 40 STATION RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY PRESET TUNING Preset stations can be grouped in five sets of eight, according to AM and FM, musical genre, or any order you desire. STATION NAME DISPLAY The station frequency is displayed whenever a station is tuned in. You can change the display to show the station call letters for up to 24 of the preset stations. ROTARY ENCODER TUNING WITH TUNING LOCK This control not only provides tuning accuracy when locating a station manually, it holds the station rock-steady once it's tuned in. 24 SEGMENT SIGNAL QUALITY METER Provides accurate reading of the signal level of the received station. 6-WAY MULTI-STATUS STATION MEMORY Whenever a station is programmed into the preset tuning memory of the TX-950, six different pieces of information are memorized. In addition to the frequency, IF mode position, RF attenuator status, auto stereo or mono tuning, antenna selector setting, and blend setting are also input. This means that whenever a station is selected with a preset tuning button, it is received with the same maximum clarity as when it was first tuned. 2-PROGRAMMABLE ANTENNA INPUTS AND SELECTOR SWITCH The TX-950 has 2 antenna inputs. This allows you to use 2 different antenna's oriented in different directions for maximum reception capability. 2-POSITION IF MODE SELECTOR The IF amplifier circuit provides excellent selectivity, for outstanding interference rejection and optimum phase linearity. Two modes position (Wide and Narrow) can be selected depending on signal conditions. AUTO STEREO, MONO MODE SELECTOR Allows automatic reception of all stereo stations. If the signal is too weak, you can obtain higher signal quality by switching to monaural. RF ATTENUATOR ON/OFF SWITCH If the signal you are receiving is too strong, pressing this switch will reduce RF cross modulation and intermodulation. HIGH BLEND SWITCH When activated, this switch will blend left and right channels together if the S/N ratio of a stereo signal is less than 50dB. EXTRA LARGE ANTI-VIBRATION FEET For resonance and vibration damping. HIGH GAIN AM LOOP ANTENNA Allows for maximum reception of AM stations. Specifications 50dB Sens. (mono) 1.55uV (15.1 dBf) Alt. Ch. Select 85dB FM Signal-to-Noise Ratio 96dB Mono, 90dB Stereo Sens. 100uV/m FM Harmonic Distortion 0.02% Mono, 0.03% Stereo Dimensions (W * H * D) = 435 * 76 * 320mm (17-1/8" * 3" * 12-5/8")

Weight: 3,4 kg

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